Improve your existing FileMaker solution

Do you already have a FileMaker solution, but it’s lost its zap? Maybe you’ve lost touch with the original developer and the maintenance and upgrades have suffered as a result.

We can help get your system back on track, whether it’s fixing bugs, upgrading to a newer version of FileMaker to benefit from new features or improved security, or developing the solution so it matches your current requirements.

FileMaker is backed by Apple and its development never stands still. We’ve been using and developing FileMaker in business environments since 1992 (FileMaker version 2!) and have seen many, many improvements to the FileMaker software itself over that time. These improvements invariably present new opportunities to enhance an existing solution and increase business efficiency.

The latest version of FileMaker, FileMaker 13, is no exception and introduces a plethora of new features that take the platform to another level in terms of performance, security, data accessibility and overall user experience.

If you’ve been putting off moving your data to the cloud to gain true access-anywhere functionality, we can help you seamlessly migrate your mission critical data and unlock the potential that a FileMaker server in the cloud can release.