IT support for a new project

New ideas and projects can develop very rapidly and the technology that underpins their delivery is key to their success. Designing and implementing an IT system, when the ink is barely dry on the project itself, can be problematic and an unwanted distraction. FileMaker’s Rapid Application Development (RAD) methodology allows core functionality to be up and running extremely quickly and its flexible framework ensures that you will have wasted very little development resource, if any, should the project take a different path from the one originally envisaged.

It means that a small team can have a custom IT solution deployed quickly that is both tailored to their exact requirements and integrated with existing systems, giving the team the information and workflow support they need to move things forward.

This ‘prototype’ system can then be further developed and rolled out as a full-blown production solution, if necessary, further increasing return on investment and minimising any costs arising from duplicated development.