Rapid Return on Investment

A lot of businesses see IT as an unavoidable cost to be kept to a bare minimum whilst still allowing the business to function.

This approach has many drawbacks, including

  • High maintenance costs due to the system being outdated and not fit for purpose, as the business needs have changed significantly since the system was first commissioned.
  • Inefficient workflow procedures, as the actual business processes and the IT system do not reflect each other in a congruent way.
  • Low staff moral as your employees feel frustrated using a system that is slow, doesn’t do what they need it to do and seems to thwart their attempts at productivity at every opportunity.
  • Lack of momentum to change the status quo and replace the system, as the time and costs involved seem overwhelmingly prohibitive.

We take the opposite view and look at an IT system as an investment, not a cost, and know that our clients will only invest in technology if it makes sound business sense.

We work with our clients to prepare a business case that looks at many factors and makes the decision whether to proceed a relatively easy one. Some of the factors we consider are:

  • Return on Investment (ROI) – how quickly is the cost of the system recovered through improved efficiency and/or business expansion facilitated by its implementation?
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – what are the total lifetime costs of the system including development, software licences, hardware requirements, maintenance costs and ease of future development to keep track with changing business requirements?
  • Tangible benefits that the investment would deliver, including cost savings from improved productivity and increased business potential from new capacity and scalability.
  • Implications of doing nothing – to evaluate true value, the impact of not making the investment must also be assessed. What are the consequences and costs to the business if we carry on as we are?

An accurate and well thought through business case gives business owners and managers clarity on the rewards to be gained. The less tangible benefits of improved staff moral and business confidence that come from having a great IT system that underpins and nurtures future business success are icing on the cake.

In many cases, the speed of the Return on Investment is compelling and the urgency to deliver the benefits as soon as possible is created.

The business experience and insight to identify where IT can add true value to a business is an important part of our service and is fundamental to building trusted long term relationships with our clients.