Integrate multiple systems

Business never stands still. Companies join forces following an acquisition, departments merge during cost cutting exercises, and new projects are always being tabled. As a result, a single organisation can be left with a legacy of different IT systems with varying degrees of compatibility and overall business efficiency suffers as a result. However the enormity of the task of completely overhauling the systems ensures that it doesn’t get done and the various systems creak along together, consuming disproportionate IT resources as they are patched up time and again.

One of the major considerations in this situation, is that companies rely on these existing systems and their data for day to day operations and any disruption in service would have major implications across the whole organisation; a risk a lot of businesses are not prepared to take until they are inevitably left with no other choice.

FileMaker’s flexibility and ease of deployment make it ideal for integrating data from multiple systems including, MySQL, Microsoft SQL and Oracle. This can be done in such a way that the original systems can still be used and their data retained and the FileMaker solution can be rolled out gradually throughout the organisation with minimal disruption.