Start-up situation

There’s nothing quite like the buzz of starting up a new business. It’s not for the faint-hearted. There’s so much to do, plan, think about. You know you need to have a system to run the show, but getting one sorted just keeps losing out in the priority stakes.

Portcullis Consulting can ease the strain and get something up and running quickly, and then develop it as you go along, safe in the knowledge that the system you’ll end up with will be just as good as if you’d known all the requirements at the outset.

Being productive and efficient from the beginning increases your chances of success and a flexible workflow system that can be adapted and implemented quickly is fundamental to nurturing a fledgling company.

FileMaker’s Rapid Application Development (RAD) architecture is both flexible and scalable and can give you that competitive edge in a changing business environment.

Get your business off to a flying start with a custom FileMaker solution. It could well be the most important decision you make in the early phase of your start-up journey.