Why Us?

Choosing an IT partner is an important decision for any company and the quality of the service and work they provide can have a profound impact on your business or organisation.

Portcullis Consulting has both the technical expertise required to deliver a user friendly, efficient system, and the business experience to guide you through the design process. Poor design results in a poor end product, regardless of the proficiency of the technical team that built it.

We can help you make the correct design decisions for your business and explain the future implications of those decisions in an easy to understand manner. We are a people business first and a technical business second. Our business thrives on building mutual trust and long term relationships with our clients.

We are FileMaker specialists, first and foremost, but over time we have built a trusted network of partners who specialise in other technologies. This enables us to blend different technologies, when required, to deliver the ideal solution whilst still being the main point of contact for the client. In our experience, when there is a single point of accountability, the delivery process is much smoother and the client is relieved of the burden of having to project manage several different technical teams. We also work well alongside in-house or external IT resources to ensure that project objectives aren’t sidetracked by issues arising from multiple teams, often in multiple locations, working on a common goal.

We take on projects large and small across many different industry sectors and relish the challenges our clients often set us.
Call us and see how we could help take your business to the next level with an IT system that both your users and your accountant will love.