What We Do

In a nutshell, we use our business expertise and technical know-how to help your business or organisation achieve its goals in the most effective and cost efficient manner.

Our business skills have been acquired over 30 years through a diverse range of business activities including startups, creating and implementing rapid business growth plans, preparation for exit and business sell-offs across a variety of industry sectors. This allows us to quickly understand our clients’ business and give them valuable insight into the best way to achieve their desired outcomes and offer practical advice on development and implementation strategies.

Our typical workflow is divided into 6 stages.

  • Define Objectives – The critical first step of clearly defining the purpose and objectives of a business system is often not given the attention it deserves by some software developers, who are keen to get on with the coding, because they lack the ability to guide the client through this important decision making process.
  • Design – Design a system that meets the current requirements with built-in flexibility to accommodate the inevitable future changes and development.
  • Build – Quickly build a working prototype and gain client feedback prior to executing the full build-out. Performance and end user experience are prime considerations at this stage.
  • Deploy – Move the solution to a production environment that is fit for purpose, set up the necessary client access points and provide training to get your staff off to a flying start with the new system.
  • Maintain – All systems need maintenance to keep them up to date and ensure they continue to be fit for purpose and operating at maximum efficiency. Regular updates ensure that your business always has an up to date, reliable system at the heart of your operations.
  • Support – Ongoing help and support gives you the confidence to pursue your business goals, knowing that your systems can cope with whatever is demanded of them.

This approach delivers great systems and happy clients whether the project is a small departmental solution, bolted onto the company’s existing IT infrastructure, or whether it’s a brand new enterprise system that will be used by hundreds of people throughout the organisation.